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If you would like to be on the wellness committee please click this link to email the school.

Folder AUP Internet Policy - Filter (Palo Alto) (1 Files)
Download AUP_Update_Jan_2013.pdf
Folder Drug Testing Policy (1 Files)
Download Prague_Drug_Policy-revised_2018.doc
Folder Emergency Transfer Form (1 Files)
Download Emergency.pdf
Folder Foster Care Policy (1 Files)
Download no_reply@pragueschools.com_20170222_124325.pdf
Folder Homecoming Policy (1 Files)
Download Homecoming_Policy_Revised11317_3.docx
Folder On-line Policy (1 Files)
Download online_policy.pdf
Folder Open Transfer Form (1 Files)
Download Open_Transfer.pdf
Folder Volunteer Policy (1 Files)
Download volunteer.pdf
Folder Wellness Policy (1 Files)
Download Wellness_Policy.pdf
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